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New Advanced Topic Article: Enabling Business Agility with the Cloud and SAFe

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The quest for business agility is a nuanced and personal journey for any organization. No two digital transformations are exactly alike. That’s why we at Scaled Agile put such emphasis on the cultural aspects of agility. Mindsets, values, principles, leadership, roles, empowerment, collaboration, ‘teamness’ … these cultural aspects of digital transformation align thinking throughout an organization and provide an environment in which agile ways of working can thrive. Still, competing in the digital age isn’t.

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Supporting Relentless Improvement with the SAFe Assessments

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As readers of this blog will know, the SAFe Assessments are a continual area of focus for us since they support SAFe Enterprises in measuring their proficiency across the seven core competencies required for Business Agility. We have some important updates to share. 1. Updated Agile Product Delivery Assessment Based on the learnings and data from the last two years, we recently embarked upon the task of improving all our assessments. It began with updating.

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