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Celebrating Product Owners


Nothing beats an Agile Team, and Agile Teams power the ART. The work they do transforms fuzzy ideas into concrete solutions that run and grow the business. But the team must constantly ensure that they are building the right things and building them right. In complex enterprise environments amid a fast-paced digital economy, this is no trivial task. That is why, in SAFe, every Agile team includes a Scrum Master and Product Owner (PO) to.

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What You Can Gain from the 2022 SAFe Summit, Even if You Didn’t Attend

Advanced Topics Podcasts & Videos

Hi Folks, After three long years of virtual events, I came back from our in-person SAFe Summit feeling deeply inspired and energized. Seeing the faces of our community not distorted by Zoom backgrounds, and getting real hugs, was a pleasure that I will never again take for granted. A huge thanks to everyone who attended, our Partner community, and the Scaled Agile team for making this such a memorable, and impactful, event. For those of.

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