Agile in US Federal Gov: Booz Allen predicts Scaled Agile in Fed Gov

Agile in US Federal Gov: Booz Allen predicts Scaled Agile in Fed Gov

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In a recent press release, Booz Allen Experts predicts the trends that will impact United States government technology in 2016. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Scaled Agile development is on the list. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

In 2016, more and more government agencies will need to address the demand for speed, innovation and cost containment. The pressure put on organizations to do this effectively yields the need for scalability of lean Agile development efforts broadly programs and portfolios. Taking components of successful Agile development processes completed by smaller teams, such as continuous feedback loops, prioritization for value, more frequent development cycles, and increased collaboration, and replicating that on a larger scale will be vital for government agencies in 2016. Emerging models, such as Scaled Agile Framework, which has been shown to return 30 to 50 percent improvements in productivity and quality, as well as a 200 to 300 percent improvement in time to market versus traditional delivery methods, will gain even more traction in Washington as agencies look to expand efficiencies, both vertically and horizontally.

This is certainly great news for all us taxpayers! Now for the follow through…

Stay SAFe,

—Dean and the Scaled Agile Team

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