April Highlights—Latest Articles & Videos for the SAFe of Mind

April Highlights—Latest Articles & Videos for the SAFe of Mind

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Hi Folks,

This “Highlights” series captures the SAFe news and activities that haven’t been covered in other posts, but would still provide real value to the community. Here’s the latest roundup—a mix of SAFe events, new perspectives, understanding, and practical steps for successful implementation of the Framework.

2016 Scaled Agile Summit – Save the Date October 25–28
The SAFe event of the year is in the works, and the full registration site is coming soon. Join the Summit mailing list and be the first to get the latest updates on registration, earlybird discounts, speaker announcements and more.

New SAFe Advanced Scrum Master (ASM) Course
The much awaited SAFe® 4.0 Advanced Scrum Master course has been added to Scaled Agile’s role-based curriculum offering. Click here to learn more about the course. Public classes are available in multiple cities, including Boulder, Philiadelphia, Santa Clara, Washington, DC, and Atlanta.

SAFe LinkedIn Group Reaches 10K Milestone
If you haven’t yet joined this group, you’re missing out on the single, most active community of practice dedicated to SAFe. It’s a hotbed of questions, answers, advice, fast feedback, and debate. Click here to join the group!

SAFe 4.0 in plain English
From the Portfolio Kanban and Metrics to the Value Stream and Solution Intent feature, this TechBeacon article uses plain english to explain some of the key new features in SAFe 4.0.

Agile Software Inside a Waterfall
This news blog for the medical device industry drives the idea that the highly regulated medical device industry is now actively using SAFe (and other Agile methods) as part of a greater movement toward acceptance of Agile methods by the FDA and the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation.

The Lean-Agile Enterprise Awakens: Scalable and Modular is the Future!
In this Agile India Keynote presentation, SAFe Fellow Richard Knaster discusses a more scalable and modular lean-agile approach that enables even the largest enterprises to compete with smaller and nimbler competitors that are disrupting companies in all industries.

Ovum calls out SAFe as factor in citing IBM as market leader in App Dev for Hybrid Cloud
Scaled Agile Partner, IBM, was called out as a market leader in three areas that are key to creating hybrid cloud environments: DevOps release management, application life cycle management (ALM), and Agile project management. Regarding ALM, the research firm praised IBM for its support of the Scaled Agile Framework for enterprise agile development at large scale.

SAFe jumps to #2 position in 10th Annual State of Agile Survey
Based on over 3,800 responses, VersionOne’s 10th Annual State of Agile Survey confirms that Agile methods deliver tangible benefits and are steadily becoming the default approach to software development, as well as areas outside software. SAFe saw the largest increase in adoption rates—from 19% to 27%—in Scaling Methods and Approaches, making it the second most prevalent scaling method cited by respondents after Scrum of Scrums.

We’ll keep rounding up these great resources for the community, so stay tuned to the blog.

In the meantime, stay SAFe!

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