Article 10 in SAFe Implementation Roadmap series: Launch More ARTs and Value Streams

Article 10 in SAFe Implementation Roadmap series: Launch More ARTs and Value Streams

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When you’ve done all the hard work—planned, prepared, trained, launched the first ART, and then put in the effort to make it even better—there’s this moment in a SAFe rollout when the early results are coming in and you start to fully realize the potential that has been unleashed for the organization. It’s an exciting time, as enthusiasm from the first ART is making its way into other parts of the organization, and more people are getting on board with the new way of working.

To put that work into the context of the SAFe Implementation Roadmap, that means you’re ready for the tenth ‘critical move’ in this series, Launch More ARTs and Value Streams. You can think of this stage as opening up the throttle on your car. The larger business opportunity has arrived, enabling the enterprise to ‘consolidate gains and produce more change’  by launching more Agile Release Trains (ARTs) and Value Streams. This allows the business to start realizing the fuller benefits of SAFe, effectively shifting to the next ‘higher gear’ of the transformation.

In this article, we discuss:

  • Launch More ARTs
  • Implement Value Streams Roles, Artifacts and Events
  • Launch More Value Streams
  • The SAFe Implementation Railway
  • Managing Impediments
  • Moving Forward

Take note, even if you’re a field-seasoned SAFe veteran, and think you’ve seen it all, this article is well worth reading as it introduces a great new BVIR for managing a transformation rollout: the SAFe Implementation Railway. It’s an idea generously shared by our friends at Northwestern Mutual. They manage one of the larger SAFe rollouts to date, and use something called a “cow board” to manage ARTs in each state of development.

SAFe Implementation Railway BVIR, courtesy of Northwestern Mutual

If you’re wondering how cows and SAFe ended up together, read the full article here.

As always, we welcome your thoughts so if you’d like to provide some feedback on this new series of articles, you’re invited to leave your comments here.

Stay SAFe!
—Dean and the Framework team

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