New Case Study: SAFe at AstraZeneca—Expediting Time-to-Value Delivery

New Case Study: SAFe at AstraZeneca—Expediting Time-to-Value Delivery

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“We’re delivering faster with greater quality and less manpower—resulting in substantial financial benefits from the teams that have adopted Agile to date. We expect to double our adoption of Agile this year.”
—Patty Sheehan, AZ Agile Cultural Change Lead and Coach


Change doesn’t come easily for many organizations, especially at global, highly-regulated enterprises. But in our latest case study, AstraZeneca proves that it’s possible and well worth the effort.

When AstraZeneca (AZ) began implementing SAFe, it created a network of Agile Culture Leaders focused on securing executive-level buy-in. They also discussed culture change in every SAFe course.

To align governance, procurement and regulatory processes with SAFe, leaders defined an approach with the internal Quality Management group, allowing AZ Agile teams to deliver validated software solutions that support regulatory requirements. Additionally, the legal and procurement teams at AZ are now revising the contractual arrangements and procurement processes to align with SAFe.

Finally, PI planning events were crucial to syncing large, offshore teams. AZ held some PI planning events onsite while others used video conferencing, with a requirement for face-to-face planning at the launch of a new Agile Release Train.

To date, AstraZeneca has come a long way in its SAFe journey:

• Twenty large teams have adopted Agile
• Over 1,000 staff members have been trained and supported through a robust coaching regime
• Agile delivered substantial financial benefits in the first year
• Teams expedited time-to-value delivery
• Team sizes are reduced
• Quality of outputs improved over previous solutions
• The company applied an organizational change management approach
• An outsource and offshore model is aligned with SAFe

You can view the study here.

Many thanks to Patty Sheehan, Agile Cultural Change Lead and Coach at Astra Zeneca, and Justine Johnston of PA Consulting for sharing their SAFe story with us.

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