Case Study from Accenture: Scaled & Distributed Agile Delivery with DevOps

Case Study from Accenture: Scaled & Distributed Agile Delivery with DevOps

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Our Gold Partner, Accenture, is a $30 billion dollar company that ranks #44 on Forbes’ “World’s Most Valuable Brands” list, so when they adopted Agile and DevOps across their Global Delivery Network, we were glad to see that they chose SAFe as an integral part of their effort to accelerate software delivery. It presented an opportunity to see SAFe in action on truly large scale.accenture_study_cover

In the provided case study, Accenture shares its insights on addressing process, organization, and tool challenges, and the early benefits are compelling:

Early Quantitative Benefits

  • 50% improvement in merge and retrofit (based on the actual effort tracked)
  • 63% improvement in software configuration management (effort to support SCM activities)
  • 59% improvement in quality costs (percentage of defects attributed to SCM and deployment)
  • 90% improvement in build and deployment (process and effort to raise deployment requests)

SAFe is critical to the alignment of delivery timelines.”

Early Qualitative Benefits

  • Improved demand management and traceability from portfolio through to Agile delivery teams
  • Granular configuration management and traceability
  • Integration with Agile life cycle tools to allow story-based, configuration management driven from meta data
  • Real-time traceability of status for build and deployment
  • Automated build and deployments, including “one-button deployment”
  • Developer efficiencies as a consequence of improved tool interaction times and processes

You can view the study here.

Many thanks to Accenture’s Mirco Hering, APAC lead for DevOps and Agile, Andrew Ball, senior manager, and Ajay Nair, APAC Agile lead for Accenture Digital, for taking the time to share their insights and learnings. Their story is an inspiration to all of us in the SAFe community.

Stay SAFe!

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