New Case Study: Cisco leverages SAFe to improve quality, productivity, and employee satisfaction

New Case Study: Cisco leverages SAFe to improve quality, productivity, and employee satisfaction

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case-study-box-ciscoThis latest case study from Cisco reveals some impressive results—40% defect reduction—from their first round with SAFe, plus a number of other benefits that have convinced their IT folks to integrate SAFe as a key part of their strategy to deliver customer value. Not bad for the largest networking company in the world.

Working on the Cisco® Subscription Billing Platform (SPB),  they launched three Agile Release Trains (ARTs) in 2015, and worked together to build and test small features, while regularly delivering tested features to the system integration and testing team.

As a result, Cisco delivered the new release of SBP on time and with all planned capabilities—and with higher quality.

  • Compared to waterfall releases, Cisco found a 16 percent drop in the defect rejected ratio (DRR)
  • Critical and major defects decreased by 40 percent
  • Continuous delivery also increased defect removal efficiency (DRE) by 14 percent
  • The new way of working improved employee satisfaction by eliminating the need for after-hours work and reducing meetings/calls

Read the full story here for more insights and best practices from Cisco. What makes this study particularly interesting, is that they also discuss using a Scrum framework for another major initiative—their WebEx® app for Samsung—showcasing how SAFe is able to co-exist with other methods within an organization.

Many thanks to Ashish Pandey, technical lead for the Cisco Cloud and Software IT (CSIT) organization, and the members of the team for sharing their SAFe journey.

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