Communities of Practice Revisited

Communities of Practice Revisited

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Hello SAFe community!

I’m Steve Mayner. I recently joined Scaled Agile, Inc. after years as an SPC and SAFe® Gold Partner. Shortly after I came on board I was given the opportunity to help improve a few of the framework articles. We’re excited to share with you our updated insights on Communities of Practice. This new article provides deeper grounding in the CoP body of knowledge, and also offers specific step-by-step guidance for forming, growing, and managing healthy communities. You will also see specific examples that illustrate how CoPs can add value to ARTs as part of a healthy SAFe practice.

Promoting vibrant CoPs can go a long way towards realizing the ideals of Principle #8 – Unlock the intrinsic motivation of knowledge workers. As rewarding as work within the Agile team or the program team might be, practitioners thrive when they are constantly growing their skills and networking with other people who share common interests. CoP members bring that learning and enthusiasm back to their ART work, benefitting the entire program. CoPs are absolutely a win-win proposition for SAFe organizations and their team members!

As always, we look forward to your comments and perspectives on this new content!

Enjoy, and stay SAFe!

Steve Mayner
Senior SAFe® Program Consultant
Scaled Agile, Inc.

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Steve Mayner

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  1. Dean Leffingwell

    24 May 2016 - 2:43 pm

    Thanks Steve. It’s great to have you on board, and we appreciate this value added contribution!
    Dean Leffingwell

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