Deploying Scrum and SAFe at Philips Lighting

Deploying Scrum and SAFe at Philips Lighting

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A number of us have been been involved in implementing SAFe in various Philips divisions over the last two years. Here’s a short intro to one of the implementations that I just saw on Info Q.

InfoQ interviewed Frank Penning, PMO manager, about the main challenges that Philips Lighting is facing in product development. Penning opines on why Scrum is not enough, how they apply SAFe, and the benefits that they have gained from deploying agile methods for product development.

Read the full story here:


Man, that’s some pretty smart lighting they are building!

You may also be interested in Philips’s annual glow lighting festival in Eindhoven. Last year the GLOW festival attracted more than 500.000 visitors. That’s twice as many visitors as residents in Eindhoven.  It is absolutely spectacular. If you plan on visiting Holland this is a must see. Check these images out.


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