February Highlights—Latest Articles & Videos for the SAFe of Mind

February Highlights—Latest Articles & Videos for the SAFe of Mind

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Hi Folks,

SAFe 4.0 launched just two months ago, it’s been very well received, and the community has been exceptionally busy writing and opining on the new version—providing new perspectives, understanding, and practical steps for successful implementation of the Framework. Here’s the latest roundup.

MISO Energy goes SAFe—tells their PI planning story in video

“There’s a great awareness of how much is going on other than within just our team. We’re seeing other development teams, able to interact, share ideas. We think that’s great.”

Miso Energy generates over 200,000 data points on the grid every 4 seconds – sending sending a clear picture of all 65,000 miles of the high-voltage transmission system from Manitoba, Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. To support their increasing reliance on innovated technology they recently adopted SAFe, and have shared a great video of their first PI planning event. If you want to know why PI planning is such a powerful practice within SAFe, this 2-minute video is worth the watch.

Click here to read their blog post, the video is below.

4 biggest challenges in moving to Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
by Blue Agility’s Anthony Crain, SPC4, for TechBeacon

biggest-challenges-move-safe-scaled-agile-frameworkAdopting SAFe can be tricky in some circumstances, and some parts more so than others. Here are some of the biggest challenges and suggested techniques to make potential problem areas easier to overcome. Click to read more.

How do I calculate estimates for budget deliverables on Agile projects this year?
by Tony Timbol, SPC4, DCG Software Value

This report discusses the tension between organizational need of budgetary data for planned Agile deliverables vs. traditional project cost accounting. Agile project lean-budgeting best practices at the Portfolio level are highlighted to illuminate the importance of estimating and budgeting as Agile scales in an organization. The Portfolio and Value stream levels, as presented in SAFe 4.0, provide the backdrop for this discussion. Click to read more.

3 Things to Like about SAFe 4.0
by Lee Cunningham, SPC, VersionOne

Lee Cunningham speaks to what he refers to as a “mature” framework, and what’s to like about SAFe 4.0. Click to read more.

We’ll keep rounding up these great resources for the community, so stay tuned to the blog.

In the meantime, stay SAFe!


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