IBM announces full support of SAFe in Release 6.0.1 of their CLM Solution

IBM announces full support of SAFe in Release 6.0.1 of their CLM Solution

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We are pleased to report that IBM just announced their end-to-end support of SAFe 3.0 in release 6.0.1 of their CLM (Collaborative Lifecycle Management) solution: Here’s a brief description;

New in the IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) 6.0.1 solution is complete end-to-end support for the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) which combines tooling with an industry-leading set of best practices and guidance to address the key aspects of an IBM DevOps transformation: people, process and tools. Templates delivered in CLM can help you establish a Portfolio tooling infrastructure with associated Programs and Teams consistent with SAFe—right out of the box!

The support for SAFe in CLM builds on the key concepts of the SAFe process, combining the flexibility and scale you need in your enterprise. Whether you are an organization of purely agile teams, or one that must coordinate work of teams using agile and waterfall processes delivering side-by-side in a multi-speed IT environment, the CLM solution with SAFe can help.

This announcement further extends the depth and breadth of tools that can help enterprises achieve the benefits of SAFe. Thanks IBM!

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