Improved SAFe Website Search

Improved SAFe Website Search

SAFe Updates

Hello Folks:

We are pleased to announce the implementation of a new search engine on the SAFe website that improves the user experience. It’s more intelligent, faster and it actually finds stuff (like Portfolio Sync, a new 4.6 LPM event).

Some of the new search features include:

  • Spelling Correction:  spelling errors won’t affect your search
  • Bigram Matching: high heels = highheels
  • Stemming: epic = epics
  • Synonyms: car = vehicle
  • Phrase Matching: “fast food” does not equal “food fast”

One of our favorite features of this new search engine is ‘typeahead.’ It’s also known as autocomplete—since as you type in the search box, it immediately offers a list of suggestions in a drop-down menu. The suggestions will improve with each additional keystroke and over time the engine will provide increasingly more accurate predictions.

Some terms will not result in an autocomplete menu. In those cases, just enter the term and press enter and search will do its magic.

Although we’ve tested this new functionality, optimizing search can be a complicated process. We can tune this search with various parameters (e.g., relevance, sort order, pages to exclude and many more), so we will be improving it over time. We hope that this new search functionality will improve your SAFe experience. Please send your any search feedback to so we can tune the engine accordingly.

Stay SAFe my friends,

—Richard Knaster, SAFe Fellow and the Framework team

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