Just released! SAFe 4.0 Leading SAFe LiveLessons video training

Just released! SAFe 4.0 Leading SAFe LiveLessons video training

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leading_safe_4_live_lessons_300With so many enterprises adopting SAFe over the years, we’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, and what the success stories have in common. One thing we know for certain—implementations that deliver results may vary somewhat in context and execution, but all share a common attribute; a workforce well trained and educated in SAFe practices, and a desire for continuous learning and improvement.

Experience tells us that face-to-face training is ideal, but realities in the field can sometimes make it difficult for folks to attend a public class. We get that, and that’s why we’ve provided this video tutorial: Leading SAFe® 4.0 Live Lessons: Leading the Lean-Agile Enterprise with the Scaled Agile Framework®.

It bridges the gap for people who may not be able to initially attend the 2-day Leading SAFe certification course, but still need to gain the knowledge necessary to start or continue their Lean-Agile transformation by leveraging SAFe. The self-paced LiveLessons video format is ideal for busy professionals as it allows you to explore one topic at one time and then come back later and learn a different subject.

What you’ll learn

The course is delivered in nine lessons where I present high-level overviews, as well as specifics where needed, exercises to test the viewer on what they’ve learned, and at the end of the course, clear-cut steps to start the journey of transformation. After watching this video, viewers can expect to have an understanding of the Scaled Agile Framework; Lean thinking and embracing Agility: how to apply SAFe principles; how to plan, execute, and implement an Agile Release Train; how to build an Agile Portfolio; how to build really large systems with the Value Stream layer, and how to scale leadership to the next level of enterprise performance.

Fully updated to SAFe 4.0

If you’re familiar with the SAFe 3.0 version of this video, I can tell you (from sitting in front of a video camera for three days) that this is an entirely new video produced specifically for SAFe 4.0, and covers the latest benefits that can be achieved through the new Framework for software and systems-dependent enterprises.

We’re committed to providing these resources to the SAFe community, and welcome your feedback on the video, and your experience with this type of training.

Stay SAFe!

Author Info

Dean Leffingwell

Recognized as the one of the world’s foremost authorities on Lean-Agile best practices, Dean Leffingwell is an author, entrepreneur, and software development methodologist.

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  1. Swaraj Kankipati

    18 Jan 2018 - 7:09 am

    Does taking this course online qualify for the SAFe Agilist certification ?

    • Richard Knaster

      18 Jan 2018 - 2:06 pm

      Hi Swaraj:

      Currently, taking an online class does not qualify for taking the SAFe Agilist exam. The SAFe LiveLessons is a subset of the two-day Leading SAFe course. Therefore, it does not qualify for the certification test. Presently, none of our certifications is currently supported by online courses. That is, where you can take a course online and take a certification test.


  2. Robert Hurd

    27 Oct 2017 - 4:31 pm

    This looks like outstanding training.
    May I ask…does this video class qualify as PDU hours for maintenance of the PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) certification? (It may just because of its relevant content, but wondering if it has already been “Certified” as PDU hours.) Thank you!

    • Richard Knaster

      28 Oct 2017 - 10:49 am

      Hi Robert:

      Yes, this video class would qualify for PDU hours with the PMI.

      Richard Knaster

  3. Tomas Eilsoe

    11 Oct 2017 - 5:47 am

    Great material Dean! Would love to see it updated to SAFe 4.5 though.

    • Dean Leffingwell

      Dean Leffingwell

      11 Oct 2017 - 8:18 am

      Thanks Tomas,
      It’s a work in process, should be available in about 60 days.


    30 Aug 2017 - 7:40 pm


  5. Gonzalo Martinez

    23 Aug 2016 - 2:18 am

    I already got it, it is really awesome material, I like the way Dean explain every single slide.

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