LEGO adapts SAFe with their own “systematic creativity”

LEGO adapts SAFe with their own “systematic creativity”

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case-study-box-legoWe just published the new LEGO video presentation on our case studies page. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to check it out, especially if you’re working with an organization that is just beginning their SAFe journey.

The folks from LEGO promote the idea of “systematic creativity,” which turns out to be an excellent approach to adapting and customizing SAFe to a state that best serves an organization’s specific context and culture.

They approached every step of their SAFe transformation as a learning journey. When something didn’t seem like a good fit, they weren’t afraid to experiment. Taking results from Inspect and Adapt, they nipped and tucked SAFe to their needs with a simple guiding principle, “Keep the stuff that generates energy.”

“The combination of a structured system, logic and unlimited creativity encourages the child to learn through play in a wholly unique LEGO fashion.”—The LEGO Group

It’s a cool idea—rolling out SAFe the way you would create something from LEGO bricks—and one that can benefit anyone who might be operating under the misconception that SAFe is too prescriptive.

Thanks again to LEGO’s Head of Project Management, Eik Thyrsted Brandsgård and Lean/Kanban Coach, Mattias Skarin from Crisp, for their inspiring presentation!

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