New Case Study: Small company downscales SAFe to handle big-growth challenges

New Case Study: Small company downscales SAFe to handle big-growth challenges

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The Seamless Payments case study recently highlighted in the recent InfoQ article, “Downscaling SAFe,” puts to rest a couple of popular misconceptions about SAFe: 1) it is solely for large enterprises, and 2) that it is too prescriptive.infoqseamless

The authors describe a fast-moving mobile payment startup about to cross the chasm from “Early Adopters” to “Early Majority;” the critical growth phase where companies are known to be especially vulnerable to failure. With 200+ employees spanning 4 countries, they turned to a slimmed down version of SAFe—along with major technical investments in the deployment pipeline—to provide a structure that would provide a solution for current challenges, and accommodate growing complexity.

The story of their SAFe transformation comes from Agile and Lean Product Development Expert, Mikael Lundgren, and Seamless Payments’ Software Engineering Manager, Tomek Pająk. They provide an account of the experience that is rich with detail, and goes beyond tactical execution to include the strategic thinking behind this scaled-down transformation. They recount:

  • How they down-scaled SAFe while maintaining its core ideas
  • Tools utilized for managing backlogs of features, epics, and stories
  • Recruiting Scrum Masters to act as Agile coaches for the entire organization
  • Establishing new roles to better support working environment
  • Introducing WIP-limited program execution where work is planned in Agile Release Trains

To sum up, the case study of Seamless is evidence that small or medium-sized companies can benefit from a scaled agile framework with custom modifications.”

Many thanks to Mikael Lundgren and Tomek Pająk for sharing your story and providing inspiration for small to medium-sized companies seeking scalable solutions as they face similar growth challenges.

Link to the case study here:

And if you haven’t already checked it out, make sure to visit our case studies page. We’ve got a fast-growing inventory of SAFe studies that are both inspiring and enlightening.

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