New Case Study: World’s 2nd-largest Memory Chipmaker Adopts SAFe

New Case Study: World’s 2nd-largest Memory Chipmaker Adopts SAFe

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case-study-box-hynixThere’s an interesting thing happening of late, which is that SAFe case studies are coming in almost faster than we can absorb and publish them. That’s good for the SAFe community, and especially useful for enterprises evaluating their options as they look for the best way to scale Agile throughout their organization.

As the number of studies grow, we are also seeing a greater diversity of SAFe implementations, not just by size or industry, but also in how organizations are adapting SAFe to their context. The latest entry from SK hynix memory solutions gives us just such a glimpse.

Working with Scaled Agile Gold Partner, CPrime, SK hynix chose SAFe as the Framework best equipped to address the complexity issues often associated with firmware development. Kicking off a 1-year pilot program, they started with 5 Scrum teams with 50 people to support their first Agile Release Train (ART), and set their Program Incements (PIs) at 3 months, with a two-week iteration cycle.

The early results are impressive, but what’s notable about this implementation is how the Hardware Group decoupled from the Firmware ART, but still maintained their visibility and place in the Value stream by coordinating with the Software Group through Program level meetings. Below are the early results; click here for the full case study.

  • 60% improved transparency
  • 55% defect reduction rate
  • 50% improved service delivery predictability


Many thanks to Johnny Lam, Director at SKHMS, and Dr. Sanjeev Raman Enterprise Agile-Lean Coach from cPrime, for sharing your SAFe experience.

Stay SAFe!

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