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The SAFe glossary provides a set of definitions for all the SAFe Big Picture elements. In so doing, it provides a clear taxonomy of these primary SAFe elements. Each term is defined in the context of SAFe, so even common terms are described for clarity within a SAFe specific context.

However, as SAFe adoptions grow across different parts of the business and across the globe, our community has asked for clarity on additional terms used in SAFe.  Some of these terms (e.g. PO Sync, Lean Business Case) are unique to SAFe but do not appear on the Big Picture. Other terms are commonly used in Lean, Agile, and DevOps conversations but may have a more specific meaning in the SAFe context (e.g., batch size, MVP).

To increase clarity and understanding, we’ve now provided a set of 85 new extended glossary terms. You can toggle them on and off from the current glossary page.  All the extended terms are available in English now, and we will post language translations as they become available.

Check it out here.



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