New SAFe 4.0 Introduction Whitepaper

New SAFe 4.0 Introduction Whitepaper

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Greetings everyone!

We told you it’s coming, and many of you have been asking about it, so I’m happy to announce that the first whitepaper on SAFe 4.0 has been published, and is available for you to download at

The official title is SAFe 4.0 Introduction: Overview of the Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Software and Systems Engineering.

The white paper distills the essence of SAFe from hundreds of website pages to just twenty-five, and provides a high level overview of the Framework, including its values, principles, practices, and strategy for implementation.

The white paper should be helpful in several ways:

  • Educate leaders, managers, and executives about how to apply SAFe for enterprise-class Lean-Agile software and systems development
  • Prepare students in the basics of SAFe prior to taking a course (e.g. Implementing SAFe 4.0 with SPC4 certification, Leading SAFe 4.0, etc.)
  • Help people understand SAFe 4.0 in greater detail, especially those who haven’t taken a 4.0 SAFe class

We look forward to your comments about the white paper and how the community might leverage it to support their SAFe transformations.

Stay tuned for updates about our SAFe Distilled, book, which I’m co-authoring with Dean Leffingwell and will be published by Pearson. I’m working with our publisher to see if we can share draft chapters for community feedback.

Always be SAFe,
–Richard Knaster, SAFe Fellow

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Richard Knaster

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  1. Daniel Canales

    08 Jun 2016 - 9:05 am

    I’m a Certified Scrum Master, but limited in my overall experiences and I am certainly awaiting your book.
    VR, Daniel

  2. Latha Swamy

    07 Jun 2016 - 6:42 pm

    This is a comprehensive paper on SAFe, that includes all the major distinctions, that I can give to existing and potential SAFe clients!

    Thanks Richard and Dean for your contribution!

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