Not your typical SAFe® article: check out our new SAFe for Government page

Not your typical SAFe® article: check out our new SAFe for Government page

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We’re very excited to announce a new SAFe for Government page on this website!

When we released SAFe 4.6, we recognized that state, federal, and international government agencies have unique and specific challenges to Lean-Agile adoption that warranted the special government guidance we included in the 4.6 knowledge base. We have since enhanced that guidance substantially in our SAFe® for Government course. But we wanted to do more.

In the course, we cite many great references and resources that are available to government and contractor leaders and practitioners who are responsible for making Lean-Agile, DevOps, and SAFe work in their agency. In the U.S., some of these resources are well known, such as the Digital Services Playbook and the TechFAR. Other valuable references—including the 2018 Defense Science Board report, the FedCLASS case study by the Software Engineering Institute, and presentations from the government track at our 2018 Global SAFe® Summit—might be less well known or harder to find. Plus, there are lots of events happening each year that support the theme of Agile in government—but what if you can’t remember the exact name or the URL for the event website?

We are now pleased to introduce our new SAFe for Government landing page with a fresh, new design that provides a one-stop shop for all things SAFe and government, and much more. It’s where you’ll find the full government article series, key events for government practitioners and leaders, news, access to our government team, or find a SAFe® for Government course and learn more about the SAFe® Government Practitioner (SGP) certification.

Below the link to the government article series, you’ll find three sections:

  • Resources – includes links to websites like TechFARHub as well as document downloads for valuable references that aren’t available on the internet
  • Videos – features links to videos that directly relate to Lean-Agile and SAFe adoption in the government context, our government track presentations from the 2018 Global SAFe Summit, the Agile Acquisitions 101 primer, and more
  • Events – includes a list of key events around the beltway and across the country tailored to government and contractor influencers and change agents guiding a SAFe transformation in federal agencies

Bookmark this page and check it often because we’ll be updating it as we discover new resources, videos, and events. And, when we do post something new, we’ll announce it via our social media channels, so check those, too.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, so explore this new resource and let us know what you think (use the comment function). Send us your suggestions for what more we can do to make this site your go-to resource for all things Agile in government. And, if you have content to contribute that will be useful to the community—like sample contract templates, governance documents, videos, events, etc.—send it our way. If it’s relevant to the SAFe for Government community, we’ll add it!

Thanks, enjoy the new content, and stay SAFe!

—Steve Mayner

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