RMIT Case Study Update: Net Promoter Scores Soar

RMIT Case Study Update: Net Promoter Scores Soar

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At last week’s Scaled Agile Partner Summit, I enjoyed catching up with Em Campbell-Pretty—an SPCT from our  Gold Partner in Australia, Context Matters.RMIT

Chatting with her reminded me of my recent visit to Australia. The Context Matters team had invited me to sit in on the session they sponsored at Agile Australia featuring a presentation by RMIT University’s Catherine Haugh (SPC/RTE). Even more fun, I had the opportunity to visit their development site in Melbourne to help celebrate their accomplishments (and to see the biggest Feature kanban I had yet to lay my eyes on!).

Her presentation built on the existing RMIT SAFe Case Study, adding video testimonials from the teams and the ART stakeholders, as well as some new data showing significant improvements in team and stakeholder NPS scores.

For example, in May 2014, before they launched their “Student Administration Agile Release Train” their stakeholders gave them a -90 Net Promoter Score. They launched the train in June, and by April, 2015, their NPS score had increased to +13! Now that’s measurable business results.

The update is definitely worth viewing, especially for those interested in the realm of education administration. You can view the presentation and embedded videos here.

Many thanks to Em and Catherine for keeping the community up to date with their journey.

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