3 years later: SEI’s CIO looks back at their SAFe journey

3 years later: SEI’s CIO looks back at their SAFe journey

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We always like to hear about early wins from new adopters of the Framework, but of course the real test of any method lies in how well it serves an organization over time. SEI—a leading global provider of wealth management solutions—launched their first ART in early 2014, and saw some impressive results:

  • 20%-25% increase in client satisfaction
  • Reduced code branching from 5 – 7 on average to a single code branch
  • Delivered higher value business results in a shorter delivery cycle

Now, three years later, SEI’s CIO, Robert F. Crudup, looks back at their SAFe journey in a CIOReview.com article, Transformation: Moving a Large Organization to Agile Development. He covers the full spectrum of challenges and wins. Their fast pivot to SAFe required 1,350 people to develop new skills, habits, and mindsets as they set about building a complex global securities accounting and trading system for multiple business segments.

Three years into this effort our SAFe transformation has taken strong root, leading to high quality, predictable software delivery and architectural runways.”
—Robert F. Crudup, SEI Investments Executive Vice President & CIO

This story proves (again) that SAFe is highly sustainable over time, and for those business leaders who recognize the importance of giving the culture time to evolve and change, there are significant long-term rewards.

Read the CIOReview article here.

Read the original case study here.

Many thanks to SEI’s Robert Crudup, SEI Investments EVP & CIO, for your leadership and sharing your transformation experience. Also, to Mona Roccia, Program Lead at SEI, for your important work in this SAFe adoption.

Stay SAFe!

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