New Case Study: SAFe helps Swisscom bring industry-leading IPTV to market in record time

New Case Study: SAFe helps Swisscom bring industry-leading IPTV to market in record time

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“It usually takes about 36 months to bring a new TV platform to market but we had a minimally viable product in 8-10 months and brought the full product to market in 18 months. SAFe helped our relatively small team build and run a world-class product and guided us when in doubt, showing us the way toward Agile product development flow.”
—Simon Berg, Agile Program Manager, Swisscom Entertainment Projects

case-study-box-swisscom_3Congratulations to Swisscom for developing an award-winning IPTV product, and for doing it in half the usual time-frame. Swisscom’s SAFe story shows what high levels of collaboration between business and IT can accomplish.

When Swisscom initiated plans to bring a new IPTV offering to the market, they knew they had to find a way to get to MVP ahead their competiton who was building a similar product.  Coming from a “PMI-style, waterfall, multi-project environment that was transitioning into a home-grown, scaled Scrum approach,” they ultimately turned to SAFe to scale Agile in earnest. PI Planning meetings were new to Swisscom, and when they saw how the event brought together disparate teams that had never before worked with each other, they understood the power of that event to align those diverse stakeholders in a shared vision.

After a year and a half of incrementally adopting SAFe, the results were impressive:

• Swisscom brought TV 2.0 to market in 18 months, where it would normally take 36 months
• They decreased the time from code-ready to mass rollout from 9-12 months to six weeks or less
• Testing now requires just three people, instead of dozens
• Sales and customer satisfaction scores are strong

Perhaps most telling, the product won an award for “Best multi-screen experience,” an honor not usually bestowed on telecommunications companies. Now PI Planning has become standard practice, and other product units have taken interest in SAFe. It’s kind of cool when you realize that Swisscom took their first steps in technology in 1852  when they set up the Swiss telegraph network. Read their full story here.

Many thanks to Simon Berg, Agile Program Manager, Swisscom Entertainment Projects, for sharing Swisscom’s story.

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