One of Australia’s big four banks takes on ‘Mission Impossible’ with a SAFe Quickstart

One of Australia’s big four banks takes on ‘Mission Impossible’ with a SAFe Quickstart

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Everyone hearing the same message from the same trainers at the same time was a huge enabler for alignment and a ‘one-team’ culture.”
Em Campbell-Pretty, Context Matters

case-study-box-westpac2This latest case study comes to us  from one of Australia’s big four banks, adding to  a growing trend of financial and banking organizations turning to SAFe.

When Westpac needed to add features to its online banking platform in a tight window, a SAFe Quickstart was the answer.

To achieve an ART launch in one week, they began by training everyone at the same time. Midweek, they aligned all teams to common objectives, secured commitment and continued training during planning. By week’s end, they provided orientation for specialty roles, open spaces and tool training for teams.

Next, they brought together 32 leaders across business and IT for two days of Leading SAFe training to discuss SAFe in the Westpac context, generating team excitement. Together, leaders came up with a theme for the train—Galaxy.

SAFe Scrum XP training brought together 60 people in one release train of eight teams over two days with two trainers in one room. The product manager also joined team-level training for both days, leading team members to note his commitment to SAFe.

In response to Westpac’s SAFe approach, team and business engagement went up while cycle time and defects went down.

SAFe at Westpac continues to evolve, with the company holding its third PI Planning event recently.

Read the full case study here for takeaways from Westpac’s dive into SAFe. The study also includes a download of Em Campbell-Pretty’s presentation to AgileAustralia16 with robust speaker notes and some pithy observations.

Many thanks to Westpac and Em Campbell-Pretty of Context Matters for sharing their story.

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