Continuous Learning Culture Grows

This article describes opportunities for improving proficiency in the Continuous Learning Culture competency, one of the seven core competencies of the Lean Enterprise required for Business Agility. Collectively, these opportunities are referred to as grows and they are organized by the dimensions of each competency.

Exploring Grows

Enterprises should explore these recommendations and choose the ones they believe are most relevant to their specific situation. Guidance in this decision comes from the results of the Continuous Learning Culture Self-Assessment, which can be downloaded using the link below.

Download Continuous Learning Culture Assessment

The grows are categorized into three stages which are defined as follows:

  • Core – The core grows support basic understanding, and adoption of the practices outlined in each competency. This is a good starting point for enterprises that are new to a particular competency or looking to correct deficiencies highlighted in the self-assessment.
  • Intermediate  – The intermediate grows provide opportunities to further develop skills as well as re-enforce existing knowledge and practices.
  • Advanced – The advanced grows support the enterprise in developing expertise across the competency.

As grows are engaged, the enterprise should conduct periodic self-assessments to confirm they are having the desired effect or provide data that may motivate a different selection of grows.

Grows Overview

Depending on the needs of the enterprise, these grows may comprise a single activity, such as attending a class or reading an article, or a sequence of activities, such as may be found in a toolkit.

Grow type: Represented by the icon, these are shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Grow Types

Grow description: The description for each grow is accessed by clicking on the grow icon. This description includes a link to access the grow as well an overview of the improvement opportunity it provides. Also included in the description is guidance on how to apply the grow effectively.

Note: Although most grows include a direct link, some, such as toolkits and some videos, provide a link to the SAFe Community Site, where SAFe community members can login to access them.

The remainder of this article provides specific grows for each dimension of the Continuous Learning Culture competency. Importantly, these grows will continue to be updated, and additional grows added, as we are informed by the feedback from the enterprises engaging with them. Keep checking back for additional improvement opportunities to support your journey towards business agility.


Last update: 7 May 2020