CASE STUDY: John Deere

The John Deere Intelligent Systems Group agile case study has been pretty well chronicled; here are some summary results, as presented by ISG’s “Agile Ninja” Chad Holdorf in 2011.

John Deere ISG case study summary results

  • Field issue resolution time: down 42%
  • Warranty Expense: down 50%
  • Time to production: down 20%
  • Time to market: 20% faster
  • Employee engagement: Up 9.8%

And here are some links to the actual case study (a series of blog posts) in chronological order.

#1 – Agile Meets Big Iron: Agile Transformation at John Deere ISG

#2 – John Deere ISG Case Study: Reaching the Tipping Point

#3 – John Deere ISG Case Study Post #3: All Aboard the GreenStar™ Release Train

#4 – Computerworld Article: John Deere Plows in to Agile

Chad is an active industry evangelist of scaled agile development, and often participates in benchmarking and information sharing with other companies. He is also a frequent speaker at companies and conferences. He can be reached through his blog at