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Learn What’s New in SAFe 4.6 with our Latest Video

The latest version, SAFe 4.6, introduces the Five Core Competencies of the Lean Enterprise that are critical to achieving  a competitive advantage. Check-out the video to learn more about the competencies and how they affect other parts of SAFe.

SAFe Fellows Richard Knaster and Inbar Oren present What’s new in SAFe 4.6.

Download the What’s New in SAFe® 4.6 PowerPoint

The What’s New in SAFe 4.6 Powerpoint provides a detailed overview of the changes to the Framework. You may also be interested in reading the companion Advanced Topic article for the most comprehensive overview of the 4.6 changes.

Download the Introducing SAFe® 4.6 Powerpoint

The Introducing SAFe 4.6 PowerPoint helps promote the adoption and use of SAFe, including an overview of the outstanding business benefits that many enterprises have reported in SAFe Case Studies.

Videos from Dean Leffingwell, SAFe Chief Methodologist

The Value of SAFe 4.5

SAFe 4.5 Executive Briefing

Part I: Insights and the future of SAFe

Part II: Impediments to implementing SAFe

Part III: The role of Project Managers in SAFe


Part IV: Commonly Asked SAFe Questions

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